Let’s Start At the Beginning!

I never had any interest in being pregnant. I never wanted children under the age of 4. I was dead set on adoption. I made this very clear when I met my husband and as much as he wanted children he understood and was ok with my decision. After a million years together we decided to start a family. We looked into the route of adoption but the information we received did not settle well with us. So we talked about other options. We talked about having our own. This thought freaked me right out. Something is going to grow inside of me? What if there is a problem?  What if I give birth to an ugly baby? How am I going to handle the pain? How can I do this without needles? Yes these were my worries.

Several months later we started trying. The next 6 months out lives changed drastically. We moved from a house to an apartment,  we both got promoted at work, we both were in 2 car accidents (separate from each other), I had a miscarriage, my mom told me she might have cancer and was going for tests, my mom had a stroke, we both had birthdays, Christmas happened, New Years Eve and I got pregnant….

During those 6 months was starting to think I was never going to get pregnant. And then it happened. I still remember my husband’s face when I told him early one morning while we were getting ready for work. He technically wasn’t my husband yet. We were getting married in 2 months. Invites just went out. I was going to be pregnant at our wedding.

I made a Dr’s appointment and sure enough I was pregnant.

We found out at my ultrasound that I was due on hubby’s birthday. This was exciting. However the chance of going into labour on your date is rare for first time mom’s.20150420_113152


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