The Next 9 Months

I had the worst pregnancy. I am sure woman have had worse but mine was horrible.

The first trimester: I slept 12 hour nights. Every morning I felt super nauseous. Weekends I would stay in bed till 5 sleeping and relaxing. Smell of cooking made me want to vomit. I was trying to finish planning my wedding. I was a mess. It was so hard to keep this secret from people. Our parents knew, siblings and a few of our friends.

I was 14 weeks pregnant at our wedding. We told everyone at our wedding that we were expecting in September. I was feeling great. My morning sickness went away for 1 whole week.

2nd trimester: I was put on diclectin for my morning sickness, I developed edema in my feet and ankles,  I had a food aversion to chicken, I was craving fruit and candy.  I was gaining weight like crazy.

3rd trimester: this is where is got bad…. i had pregnancy carpal tunnel, I was swollen, still had all previous “symptoms” as my friend in Alberta called them. This baby was laying on my bladder, I finished work at 33 weeks. My last 3 weeks I developed siatica in my lower back. Living in a walk up apartment meant I didn’t leave the house. I regret this now but I’ll explain that later. I started craving ice cubes, Popsicles, and milk (I was drinking a gallon every 2 days). I almost forgot my blood pressure kept going high then normal then high then normal. My OB scheduled me for an induction she also was convinced the baby flipped herself and sent me to the hospital thinking they would have to do an emergency c-section. Baby didn’t flip and my blood pressure lowered itself.

I hated being pregnant!

I felt huge!

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