6am playtime

For the first time ever monster woke up at 6am today. She ate her bottle and proceeded to play in her crib. It’s 6am it’s sleep time not play time! 

I was already pumping by this time so her dad got up with her as she was singing quiet loud in her crib and I’m sure our downstairs neighbour’s don’t want to be woken up to a baby squealing. Daddy brought her into our bed I climbed in after pumping and we snuggled all 3 of us till Daddy had to get up.  Monster just squealed and squealed apparently it was more fun then sleeping.  I kept thinking to myself oh boy!  It’s gonna be a LONG DAY! As soon as Daddy got out of bed Monster closed to her eyes and fell asleep. Ok…. so a hour and a half of play time and now you are tired. Always embrace when your baby sleeps. I curled up and slept right next to her. And apparently she needs to take up the majority of our queen sized bed!



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