Monster has slept on her tummy since she was 5 weeks old (I know insert horrible mommy comments here). I am a tummy Sleeper and she sleeps a 100 better on her tummy then on her back swaddled all up.

Monster has learned how to roll from her tummy to her back. However this roll only occurs in her crib and only when people aren’t watching.  I caught it on camera once and only caught and filmed it by watching the monitor screen. And not only does she roll but she gets her arm caught in the bars of the crib! This child is causing me grief already!

So because we know that she can roll we make sure she gets extra tummy time. But…. because we are watching her and she’s on the floor she won’t roll. She tries to fly but she can’t roll.

Oi! If this is a look of our future I’m in for a challenge!

Um.. We sleep on our tummy how did this happen?

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