As an exclusively pumping mommy I have to follow short activities in a day. Everything is done in 4-5 hour intervals so that I can make sure I’m pumping 5-6 times a day. When monster sleeps past a middle of the night feeding so do I (I need my sleep as much as she does).

Monster woke at 5 today. She ate, we cuddled, she went back to sleep and I hooked up my pump (oh and I ate cake somewhere in there too). I’m sitting here in partial darkness debating in 2o minutes when I’m done do I a) go back to bed b) do my workout for the day so it’s over and done with or c) start organizing monsters clothing as we are moving up a size. Watching hubby in bed sleeping right now is really pointing me that way especially since there is a draft coming from the bathroom window. But I could workout and go back to sleep. Oh the choices!

Edit: I chose to do the workout for the day! And I felt great afterwards! There was a long nap that afternoon!


4 thoughts on “5am

    1. That is the one thing I like about pumping and feeding I know how much Monster is eating and can predict when she will eat again. Middle of the night pumping is not fun! But after 4 months I have learned to cope! It’ll get better as I continue to drop pumps!


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