Sleep Training

I originally wrote this post about a month ago. I have since had to edit it before posting as Monster’s sleep patterns have changed.

I have decided that we aren’t sleep training quite yet. I was originally set on training when Monster turned 4 months but have now decided that there isn’t a need to rush this.

Monster is pretty good about bedtime.

We start bed-time routine at 7:00PM. She eats a bottle in the living room, and we go into the dressing room to get ready for bed. Monster and I have some cuddles and sing a few songs and I put her in her crib and she falls asleep. Depending how much she has eaten during the day will depend if I dream feed her before I go to bed. She then will wake between 1 and 5AM. Then we wake at 7:00 AM. This is when Daddy gets her and feeds her and she goes back to sleep until 8:30 or 9:00.

However, naps are all over the place. We usually have a nap 2 hours after we wake in the morning. This nap is only 30-50 minutes. Then sometime in the afternoon we sleep for 1 1/2 – 2 hours. This we call a cuddle nap. It happens on the couch with either mommy or daddy. This gives us time to nap or relax as well. Then we usually have another nap around 6ish for 30 minutes. I am quite lucky that monster likes her sleep like her father and Me!Lilly - Sleeping


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