Natural Mama!


I have never been one for natural remedy’s. Give me over-the-counter drugs, a prescription, the creams and the lotions. Something changed once having Monster. I do not want to put chemicals on her body. She’s so small and her skin is so new. She still has that new smell!

My good friend Annella had an essential oils learning night in October. I went to get out of the house one night and to show off my baby. I was not planning on purchasing anything nor was I going to buy into another direct sales sales pitch.

I listened to a woman speak for a couple hours about oils and how they have helped her family, how she has used them and no longer uses medication in her family, how she uses them to calm her children or to give herself energy. I was interested, but still skeptical. I get energy from my friend, caffeine. Monster always calm down with some cuddling.

However, I always feel obligated to purchase something at these parties so I ordered a small 3 pack of basic oils, Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint.  My oils arrived within a week from the party and I made my coconut oil and lavender mixture. Apparently you can use this to calm babies before bed by putting it on their feet. You can use it as a diaper cream and about a million other uses. The first night I put it on Monster’s feet she screamed for 15 minutes. I tried it for a few nights and each night she screamed. I was done! No more oils! This isn’t working!

About a month later we had a mouse problem in our apartment. Mickey, Minnie and all their friends decided that our pantry was a late night buffet. I had read online that peppermint and water helps keep rodents out. So I made a mixture in a spray bottle and we sprayed all the baseboards, we also set out traps; however, we never found a mouse outside of the kitchen again. My faith was slowly being restored.

The last 3 weeks I have been talking to Annella a little more about essential oils. I have been researching more and trying new things. Monster has been teething and she was going through a sleep regression. I have started using it on her feet again and she enjoys having a little foot rub before bed now. I have been rubbing it on her jaw line to help with the pain from teething. I have also used it directly on her gums. As far as I can tell it has been working. Monster is happy when I rub it on her jaw line and she’s been sleeping for 7-8 hour stretches at night.


The past week, I have had a brutal cold and sore throat. Because I am breast feeding I cannot take any over the counter drugs. Therefore, I have had to go natural. And getting extra sleep isn’t really an option. I used a mixture called Easy Air and rubbed it on my chest and neck several times a day, I make a hot water and oil steam at least once a day, I upped my vitamin C and gargled with salt water. Today, I finally feel better! I have a bit of a cough but overall I feel great!

I am sold on these oils!

I am planning on hosting an education session with Annella for some of my friends and family. I don’t plan on selling the products but I would love to move to more natural way of cleaning and staying healthy in our house and not to resort to chemicals and medication when we get sick!

If you are interested in learning more Annella’s website is:


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