First Night Away

Monster had her auntie, Shannon, babysit her a few times in November. In December, Shannon offered to watch Monster so hubby and I could have a date night. As date night got closer Shannon offered to take her overnight and I agreed as long as Monster’s nights were not too bad.

The day came. We were excited to go to a movie and then for dinner alone. Both Shannon and Monster did very well. Monster had a one-hour meltdown but Shannon handled it.

Of course, Monster decided that 3am would be play time which doesn’t happen at home but when you are with your Auntie you break all the rules!

I caught flack from other moms about leaving Monster with someone else at 4 months and not being with her for every waking moment. I feel that part of Monster’s development is to develop relationships with her Aunts, and if this means the occasional sleepover, then I am okay with this. I felt well rested after being able to sleep through the night and to spend time having adult conversations with my husband.

We are planning a second night away in March for our 1 year wedding anniversary. Monster is going to stay with her Aunt Megan and Uncle Andrew. I am hoping this goes just as smooth!

auntie shannon.jpg
Monster and Her Aunt Shannon! You can see the love!

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