Food for Thought!


When I got pregnant I decided that I was going to make all of my own baby food. My baby was not going to have brown peas from a jar. My mom gave me her old magic bullet, I put food trays on our registry, I started to collect recipes. Then I came across an article about something called ‘Baby Led Weaning.’ So I started to do my research. Baby Led Weaning is giving your baby solids from the beginning. No mushy peas, no rice cereal and no bowl or spoons! I have read articles, forums, and spoken with other parents who have also followed this way of feeding.

At six months, instead of starting with rice cereal, you start with what you are eating. This could mean some steamed carrots, toast with peanut butter or a piece of chicken or steak. The idea is that babies have the option of not eating something if they don’t like it. They aren’t being spoon fed so they let you know when they are finished. It saves time, no more spoon feeding baby and then eating your own dinner. You all eat at the same time. No more spending hours making baby food or the cost of purchasing jars or boxes of baby food.

We have let Monster have a few tastes of food before the recommended six months. She is five months old and she tasted some broccoli at a Super Bowl party and enjoyed chewing on it. Last week, I put some avocado on her highchair tray. She did not enjoy that (see pictures below).

What was your babies first food and what was their reaction to it?



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