Teething Sucks…for Everyone!

There is nothing worse than having your baby endure pain.

As adults we don’t know what teething feels like as we were too small to understand or remember this pain. Some of us will have had dental pain at some time in our lives. However, being an adult or older child, we have the ability to say “My mouth hurts, I need some pain relief.” Babies don’t have this option.

Teething pain has similar symptoms as a developmental leap, sleep regression, or a mild illness. And with baby not being able to tell you what is going on it’s sometimes hard to treat.

For a few nights Monster had some unusual symptoms. During the day she was trying to fit her fist in her mouth, or tries to put every toy, hand, toe or item she can reach, in her mouth to chew. She has eaten less than normal. At night she will cry while getting ready for bed. She’s more cuddly than normal. I am hesitant on over medicating Monster. I don’t want her to depend on medication to fall asleep. And, I don’t want us to get into the habit of giving it to her for every little symptom she has.

Fortunately, these symptoms only lasted about a week and we had our monster back!

However, she didn’t cut any teeth. The nasty thing about the first set of teeth is they come up, then go down, then come back. They can go up and down several times before they actual cut. For now we still have a gummy baby. But she’s so cute with her toothless smile!


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