Who Said Babies Have It Easy?

Who ever said that babies have it easy?

Sure they go to the washroom in a diaper and they get changed, someone feeds them, burps them and entertains them. But there is so much more a baby has to deal with and they can’t tell you how they feel and you can’t explain why they feel the way they do.

#1 – Developmental Leaps

Babies have 9 developmental leaps in their first year of life. These leaps can last as short as 1 week. However there are some that last a brutal 6 weeks. During these leaps babies might be more fussy than normal, they may want to cuddle more, they may sleep worse and sometimes you don’t even know they are in a leap because they are fine.

I remember the first leap monster had. She would cry from 6:30pm until 10pm every night for a week. We called it her witching hour. We went on many car rides this week late in the night so she would fall asleep. My husband and I would take turns holding her. It was an exhausting week.

I recommend the Wonder Weeks app for any new parent. It was worth the couple bucks it cost to download. It explains what they will be learning during the leap and what you can do to help them.

#2 – Teething

We don’t remember what teething is like. Sure we lost teeth when we were younger and some of us had pain with our wisdom teeth but we were verbal enough to say “Hey Mom! My mouth hurts!” or old enough to get some pain killers. All babies can do is chew on everything and cry. And hopefully we pick up on their signs well enough to be able to give them something to help with the pain.

#3 – Sleep regressions/progressions

As an adult before getting pregnant, I could tell when I needed to go to bed, how long I needed to sleep, and positions that I was comfortable in.

Babies also need to learn how to sleep. We have to teach them day from night. They have to learn what positions are right for them. They have to learn how to adjust to sleep cycles around the 4 month mark and adjust to time changes twice a year.

#4 – Learning new skills

In one year a baby will learn to sleep, eat (drink from a bottle or breast and then food), smile, laugh, talk, to sit, to stand, to crawl, to walk and much much more. These seem like mindless tasks for adults, but for an infant these are mind-blowing difficult tasks. They get hurt, they fail but they never give up! It seems like each week Monster is learning how to do something new!

After looking at all the things that babies go through in a year I have to say sometimes it’s easier being an adult!



One thought on “Who Said Babies Have It Easy?

  1. Well said… Sometimes as adults (parents) I think we get so wrapped up in adjusting our LO to our schedule and life we forget that they are going through tough times too. Apparently teething is extremely painful to them … Hopefully They have very lil times of pain so with nothing to compare to teething is excruciating. Agreed adult life is easier – I do wish I could nap whenever I liked though 🙂


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