Stars and Strollers


Our local movie theatres have a great program for Mom’s. One afternoon a week they open their theatres for Stars and Strollers. There are 2 featured movies, ticket price is discounted for parents, and you can bring your baby! The theater has the lights on dim so that you can still see what your baby is doing and the volume is turned down. The staff bring a change table into the theater so that you do not have to miss a thing. I’ve been a couple of times and have had a great experience.

The first time Monster and I went alone. She fell asleep, I got to enjoy my popcorn and I even pumped while watching the movie. A few weeks ago a good friend came with her son! We sat in the front row so that our active munchkins could play while we were able to watch the movie. This week is a movie that hubby has been wanting to see. So, he has taken the day off and we are going as a family with friends to see the flick. I’m looking forward to this date and being able to take Monster with us!

I suggest checking to see if your local movie theatre offers this great experience! If so check out a new movie with your little one!


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