It is neat to see the progression of crawling with babies. Monster started crawling at 6.5 months old. She started by moving on carpet or on our foam mats only. She never left the mats. Now she has figured out our hardwood flooring! The first week after figuring it out she couldn’t crawl if she had pj’s or socks on. Now nothing stands in her way!

We have also progressed in the way we crawl. We started on both knees. Now we do it on one knee and one foot.

Monster loves to crawl down our long hallway in our apartment. She will call for us as she’s moving down the hall “ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh.” She explores my Dad’s apartment every week we are there and is slowly venturing into different rooms or areas of the apartment.

Now that she is mobile we have to keep our eyes on her so much more! She enjoys remote controls, drinking glasses and anything else she shouldn’t have! When did my baby grow so fast??


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