Change Tables

Since having Monster I have realized how many male washrooms do not have change tables. When we go out to eat, sometimes Monster’s Daddy will go to change her. I do not know how many times he has come back because there was not a change table.

A month ago I was doing an outside show in a nearby town. My sister was with me and Monster had Pooped! My sister being the trooper she is agreed to go to a well known coffee shop and change her. This coffee shop does not have change tables! My sister had to change Monster on the cold dirty floor, while she was trying to not have her roll and not get poop everywhere.

Needless to say we not only needed a diaper change but a whole outfit change and the staff waiting to clean the washroom stall was not impressed but what do you do? I’m torn on if I should email the head office of this establishment as I have heard that other locations do not have change tables as well.

Have you had to advocate for change tables somewhere that you frequent? What was the result?



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