Books and child development specialists say that around 8 months of age a baby starts to have nightmares. This means that a baby is able to dream. I have thought many a time while Monster is cuddling in my arms what she might be dreaming about. When she sleep smiles I think it must be something happy like Daddy coming home, going for a walk or playing with her friends. But we don’t really know and she cannot communicate this with us either. On the other hand what do babies have nightmares about? They don’t have the same knowledge of fear like adults. They don’t know heartache, loss or monsters so what do they dream about that is so scary? My only thought is “Oh No the Milk is Gone!!!”

What are your thoughts on baby dreams? What do you think lurks in their nightmares?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Omg I was literally talking about this the other day. My daughter has been having nightmares I think. Sleep whimpers and crying. It makes me sad because I wonder what I did to make her subconscious show her something scary. 😦


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