Monster’s First Birthday

Where has this year gone! Our little monster turned 1 on Saturday. However, my sister in laws wedding was also on Saturday. Auntie Megan and Uncle Andrew asked Monster to be their flower girl. The day was perfect. The wedding went smooth. At the end of the bride and grooms speech Auntie Megan did something that surprised both my husband and I. Megan announced that it was Monster’s First Birthday and she had all the wedding guests sing “Happy Birthday.” They brought out a cupcake for her with a candle. It took me by surprise and I had tears in my eyes. What an amazing day!

Sunday was Monster’s Party. Before I had Monster my Mom asked if she could throw Lilly a big first birthday party. I told my Mom that I did not believe in big first birthday parties and that there was not a need for it. She looked so sad when I told her this. This past year there has been so many people that have impacted Monster, Myself and my Husbands lives. We created friendships with new people and developed stronger relationships with others. Monster has started to recognize her friends and the adults around her that are important. We ended up invited 65 people to her party, 38 were able to attend. We rented out a room at a local recreation centre. We prepped finger foods, ordered a cake, had activities for the little ones, there were balloons and party favours.

It was an awesome party! The two hours went by so fast. The food was eaten, crafts were done, cake was smashed and there were tears. Monster was grumpy and we have no idea why. I’m guess with all the excitement from the day before and then all the people she knew in a big room together, I think she was overwhelmed.

So many people showed their love for our little girl on Sunday and we couldn’t be happier. Watching her hug other babies, playing with toys and a game of chase I know she had a great time. I know she won’t remember her first birthday but we will. We will be able to show her pictures as she gets older, she will open her time capsule at 18 with notes and messages from the people at her party, and one day she will start to remember these special events.


Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us. You don’t know how much it meant to us! We love each of you and cherish your relationship with us and Monster. xoxo



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