Things Monster Has Learned in A Year

A child learns more in their first 5 years than (not then) they do in the rest of their lives. I looked back on all the things that Monster has learned this year and I can completely agree with this statement. Here are 101 things that she has learned!


Monster has learned…

  1. Who Mommy, Daddy, Aunties, Grandparents etc are
  2. How to drink from a bottle
  3. The difference between formula and breast milk
  4. Day vs night
  5. How to cry
  6. How to smile
  7. How to laugh
  8. How to roll
  9. How to reach for things
  10. How to grab things
  11. How to kick
  12. How to put her soother in her mouth
  13. How to crawl
  14. How to stand
  15. How to pull herself up
  16. How to cruise along furniture
  17. How to walk
  18. How to scream
  19. How to love
  20. How to hug
  21. How to drink from a straw
  22. How to drink from a cup
  23. How to eat with her hands
  24. How to eat with a spoon
  25. How to eat with a fork
  26. How to say Mama
  27. How to say Dada
  28. How to say Moooooo
  29. How to say doggy
  30. That she loves animals
  31. How to give high fives
  32. How to kiss
  33. Understands simple commands
  34. How to take her shirt off
  35. How to take off her shoes
  36. How to take off her socks
  37. How to take off her hat
  38. How to put her hat on
  39. How to dump water from a bucket
  40. How to throw things
  41. How to snuggle
  42. Understands where rooms are in the house (kitchen, bedroom, dining room)
  43. Understands where we eat (dining room)
  44. Knows where we make food (kitchen)
  45. Knows where we do diaper changes (bedroom)
  46. What foods she likes
  47. What foods she dislikes20160725_094347
  48. How to climb stairs
  49. How to jump
  50. How to turn pages in a book
  51. How to tumble
  52. How to sit in a chair
  53. How to stand in a chair
  54. What pain feels like
  55. How to use her pincer grasp
  56. How to wave
  57. Her name
  58. How to play with cause and effect toys
  59. The meaning of “no”
  60. Familiar faces
  61. How to sign more, milk and all done
  62. How to shake her head no
  63. How to dance
  64. How to sit up on her own
  65. How to get into sitting position
  66. How to hold her head up
  67. How to follow moving objects
  68. How to grab her feet
  69. Where are hands are
  70. How to chew
  71. How to suck
  72. How to lick
  73. How to play peekaboo
  74. How to clap
  75. Various songs
  76. How to raise her hands when you say “Hip Hip Horray!”
  77. When she’s hungry
  78. When she’s tired
  79. When she thirsty
  80. The difference between milk and water20160418_175013
  81. How to sleep
  82. That balloons are amazing
  83. How to hold her own bottle
  84. How to hold her sippy cup
  85. Can bring you her shoes or book etc
  86. How to clean up her books
  87. How to wipe with a cloth
  88. How to climb
  89. That we need to hold hands outside
  90. Where Mommy’s car is
  91. Who the neighbours are
  92. Can safely slide off the couch and bed
  93. When she doesn’t like someone
  94. Laughs when she gets tickled
  95. How to talk on the phone
  96. Smiles when you say “Cheese” for the camera
  97. How to show compassion
  98. Who her friends are
  99. How to play chase/ I’m going to get you!
  100. How to point
  101. How to show that she loves you!




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