Back to Work

I go back to work next week! I am so nervous!

I have been off work since July 10th of 2015. I took banked sick time and vacation time for 6 weeks before going on my maternity/parental leave. And then I have taken 5 of my 6 weeks of vacation after my maternity leave. This is the longest I have ever gone without working; I have worked constantly since I was 15 years old!


Monster has been going visiting her home child care provider to get to know the children and her provider. We decided to go with home care for right now as I feel that Monster would not excel in an infant program because she would be with babies smaller than her. She likes bigger kids! Eventually, I feel she will grow out of home care and will need a centre with more staff, children and activities.

I am changing roles at work as well.

I am going into a completely different position, department and location (change as to than) before my leave. I’m excited, scared, worried, and hopeful. I have been lucky enough to have a flexible schedule that will allow me to work a longer day on Tuesdays (when Monster is home with Daddy) and half a day on Saturday (when Monster is with family and friends) to be off on Thursday. This means she’ll only be in care Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s.

It’ll be interesting to see how things go. We have planned all our meals for October, started getting up early in the morning and I’ve stopped my afternoon napping.

Wish me luck as I head back on the 3rd of October!



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